Review: CryptoHero

  • March 7, 2022

Although a relatively new comer, CryptoHero has grown rapidly in the last year and garnered many awards.

1 - Background

CryptoHero was started in 2021 by Christopher Low. Mr Low is also the executive chairman of the Novum Group, a large group of companies operating in hedge fund, investments and technology. CryptoHero was established in Singapore in 2020. CryptoHero has been operating for slightly more than a year.

In terms of the founder's track record, Mr Low rates most highly when compared to its competitors' founders. Mr Low has built and sold several technology companies. It is no wonder that he has managed to grow CryptoHero so fast in such a short time given how competitive the market is. In addition, it seems that Mr Low is himself a hedge fund manager. CryptoHero has the best founding team in terms of track record.

2 - Customer Service

Customer support service is available in the following channels:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • User Guide
  • Live chat
3 - Rate of innovation

One new version every 3 months. Minor updates every other month.

4 - External reviews

Accurate as of date of review.

5 - Accessibility

Available in web, iOS and Android.

6 - Trade Data Protection

Yes. When we review their blog, we found out why. Read here. Perhaps, CryptoHero is venture-backed by the Novum Group and hence, does not need any additional revenue. We respect the team's decision to protect their users' trade data.

7 - Pricing

Fixed monthly price model.

  • Premium: US$13.99 per month
  • Pro: US$29 per month
8 - Ease of use

CryptoHero is really easy to use. The first impression of its user interface is not overwhelmings. It is packed full of features and backed by a very responsive customer support team. It has numerous color themes in addition to the usual dark and light modes. It also has a 24/7 WhatsApp and Telegram customer chat service.

9 - Our opinion

CryptoHero is a well-designed crypto trading bot app. There is a strong X-factor when we trial CryptoHero that makes us stick to it. We are not sure if it is the simplicity of the interface or what not. In any case, we highly recommend CryptoHero. Great software with awesome customer service.

Last but not least, it has the cheapest price plans. What is there to complain.

CryptoHero Portfolio

CryptoHero Portfolio

9 - Finally, our star rating

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